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 Stephenville Resources

Cross Timbers Family Services

Cross Timber Family Services

"The mission of Cross Timbers Family Services is to enhance safety and justice by preventing domestic violence, sexual assault and other violent crimes in our community through empowerment, advocacy, awareness and action for social change."


- Cross Timbers Family Services


Erath County United Way

Rural Texas Leftist Coalition

"A latine led group of working class people trying to build solidarity & equality in our community through mutual aid & harm reduction."

-Rural Texas Leftist Coalition (RTLC)

Erath County United Way

"Erath County United Way raises money to help fund a variety of local non-profit social service agencies that directly serve the residents of Erath County, improving the quality of life for us all. "

-Erath County United Way

Rural Texas Leftist Coalition (RTLC)


St. Luke's Episcopal Church

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St. Luke's Episcopal Church

"St. Luke’s is a Parish that provides a place of Worship, Reflection, and Peace. We are Episcopalian in our Worship and Study. 


We invite all people and wish to include them in our Family. We involve and Serve our Youth. We help People."

- St. Luke's Episcopal Church

Freak Show Salon

"A lot of people ask about our name, Freak Show. Here at the salon, we know what it is like to feel like the weirdo, the oddball, and just a little quirky. 

Dare we say . . . a freak? 

Guess what we learned? We don’t look like airbrushed magazine models. We aren't cookie cutter and neither are you. Our individuality makes us interesting and beautiful. 

We want to help you look great AND feel great about how you look. We hone our talents to make current trends and fashions work FOR you, not overshadow you. We love that you are different, special, healthy, and distinctive. Gorgeous. FREAK. Let’s redefine the word! Let your freak flag fly!"

- Freak Show Salon

Freak Show Salon

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